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Multipurpose Organic Aloe Vera Gel
June 23, 2017

AMAZING FACT  Aloe is actually 96 %water, and only the remaining 4 % contains the compounds that give the plant its miraculous capabilities- as an anti-inflammatory, a healer...

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Main ingredients in a natural shampoo
June 7, 2017

Main ingredients in  a natural shampoo Have you ever wondered what a shampoo is made of ? When we demand a shampoo to be 100% natural, is this possible ? Certainly is not as...

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Make your own skincare carrot oil
April 25, 2017

Make your own skincare carrot oil I have recently achieved a higher qualification diploma in natural dermocosmetic lab technician and  was happily surprised to know that I can...

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Irish Independent skincare interview
March 6, 2017

Irish Independent skincare interview I ran a skincare mini workshop last November in Airfield Estate and Ruth Griffin the Beauty editor of Irish Independent magazine weekend ,...

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5 best anti-wrinkles essential oils
February 7, 2017

5 BEST ANTI-WRINKLES ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils are a great powerful addition to any skincare formula . You need just few drops to get amazing healing benefits for your skin ....

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