how to make dry shampoo powder

How to Make Dry Shampoo Powder.

While washing our hair is necessary, when we are busy or lacking time, a quick fix is always helpful. In comes the recipe of this month, a dry shampoo powder! Crafted from simple products that you may already have at home, this dry shampoo cleanses and helps improve the look of unwashed hair. It may just become your go-to product for lazy days during the warmer months. Read on to learn how to craft your dry shampoo powder at home.


To make approximately 25 g of dry shampoo powder (3 or 4 uses), you’ll need:

  • 10 g Cornflour
  • 10 g Oatmeal
  • 5 g Rhassoul Clay (or any other clay)
  • 3-4 Drops of Essential Oils (optional)
Properties of Ingredients

Here we’ll explore the properties of the main ingredients.


Cornflour offers plenty of minerals, like zinc and iron, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and E. This combination of vitamins and minerals makes it excellent for promoting long term hair health. Moreover, cornflour can help regulate sebum production, preventing hair from looking greasy, which means it is ideal for a dry shampoo powder. Also, its light texture allows you to sprinkle cornflour on your roots and add volume to your hair.


Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are perfect for removing old, dead skin cells and nourishing dry skin. Also, oatmeal can absorb excess oil present in the skin and hair, making it perfect for a dry shampoo. Furthermore, oats have saponins, which help de-clog pores and remove dirt. Not to mention, oatmeal can also help condition your hair, leaving it moisturised without weighing it down. 

Rhassoul Clay

Clays work wonders for cleansing, and studies have shown that Rhassoul clay can help treat skin conditions. This might be because this clay is rich in potassium and magnesium, which may help cleanse impurities from the scalp along with excess oil. In addition, rhassoul clay contains silica, which works as a natural exfoliant to cleanse hair and make it shine. 

Crafting Your Shampoo Powder

Mix all the ingredients and put them in a sugar shaker, preferably with a lid, or make sure water and moisture do not enter the container. As you can see here, Mayca likes to store her shampoo powder in a latte shaker. It keeps the moisture out and also serves as a handy container for on-the-go use. Also, should you need help deciding which essential oils are best suited to your hair, check out Mayca’s suggestions.

If you don’t have a weight scale, you can use spoons. However, this is just a guideline to work with ratios. Spoons are not accurate measurements, as every ingredient has a different volume and density.

1 tbsp = 10 g (approx) 

1 tsp = 5 g (approx)

Tips for Use

This recipe is for a simple, yet effective dry shampoo powder to use when there is no water around or you are in an emergency situation. Also, it can be used when hair looks or feels greasy or flat, as well as to increase the gap between washes. Last but not least, you can use this dry shampoo powder even when you feel too lazy to wash your hair! First, apply it to the roots and spread it all over the scalp; then, brush your hair. Please note: This is shampoo powder is not for use with water. 

The true benefits of the dry shampoo, apart from a quick emergency fix in which the powders absorb the excess hair oil, is the conditioning, soothing and cleaning of the scalp. This is especially true for dry shampoo powder with clay!

The Takeaway

Save yourself the trouble of washing your hair on lazy days, or while travelling, with this dry shampoo powder! If you want to make a shampoo powder or solid shampoo bar to use with water, you can find formulas, methods and suppliers of professional hair ingredients in our Shampoo Bar ebook. The sale for the new Natural Skincare in 21 Formulas eBook is still on, so take advantage of this special price! As always, you can find comprehensive skincare lessons in our Complete Facial Skincare Online Course for Beginners and discover how to make professional, safe, and stable natural beauty products. We invite you to enrol in the course where you will learn how to make a luxurious Hyaluronic acid serum, cleanser, cream, face mask, moisturiser, gel, lotion, serum, toner, mist, exfoliant, elixir, ointment and fresh cosmetics. Also, be sure to follow WapoBeauty on Instagram for all your natural beauty recipes and questions!

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