Eco-friendly Halloween Decor.

Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts! It’s that time of year again and the kids (including kids at heart) love Halloween. While it is both fun and exciting to decorate the house for the spooky season, it often leads to piles of rubbish and lots of waste. At WapoBeauty, we do our best to be mindful of our consumption, as well as how our choices affect the earth and our environment. This week, we decided to explore eco-friendly Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank or hurt the planet.

Easy Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Whether you’re a busy bee or don’t have a knack for crafts, you can still join in on the ghastly fun. Here are some simple eco-friendly Halloween decorations:

  • Pumpkins – This is a go-to for anyone who loves autumn, but isn’t up for carving. These iconic orange vegetables will give you hope that autumnal feeling with zero effort.
  • Gourds – Make your house look absolutely gourd-geous with squash of all shapes, colours, and sizes. With gourds you can find shapes and colours that are specific to your region and hone in on that homey feeling.
  • Straw – While we don’t recommend placing this in the house, your front yard or back garden are perfect for straw or bales of hay. You can build a pumpkin patch or recreate a scene from your favourite scary film.
  • Paper garland – Think like Dr. Frankenstein and bring those old Halloween decorations back to life this year. Paper garland is particularly great as you can reuse it without ever needing to toss it out (but if you do, it’s compostable)!
Intermediate Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Are you crafty or at least handy with a pair of scissors? Then, these more complex eco-friendly Halloween decorations are for you!

  • Upcycled pumpkins – For this craft, you can reuse old bottles and containers you have around the house instead of sending them off to the rubbish pile. Reinvent these containers as oddly shaped pumpkins with scary or smiling faces using a bit of non-toxic paint.
  • Natural centrepieces – Putting together a Halloween-themed centrepiece is a great family activity. You can forage for sticks, leaves, pinecones, etcetera with the kids and spend some quality time putting the centrepiece together.
  • Rustic mantelpiece – The sky’s the limit with this craft, as you can easily put together pumpkins and candles to draw attention to your fireplace. If you want to hang something from the mantelpiece, go for a natural fabric that you can tie in a big beautiful bow or add paper letters to spell out “Happy Halloween”!
  • Modern display – Repurpose an old frame you may have around the house by adding a spooky (or funny) Halloween-inspired message. You can take it to the next level with pumpkins, gourds, dried leaves, and branches.
Expert Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

These eco-friendly Halloween decorations are for the spooky kings and queens! Anyone who lives for the holiday and is always looking for a new way to spice up the seasonal decor will appreciate these ideas.

  • Wreaths – This is another option for any items that you’ve collected or foraged on nature walks. Although if you can’t find suitable materials for the wreath base, you can always purchase a natural one from a craft store.
  • Spiderwebs – While store-bought spider webs are easy to come by, they are made of plastic and not-so-easy on the environment. This year, opt to make your spiderwebs out of paper or other eco-friendly materials and add fabric or bottlecap spiders.
  • Bodies – Do you have old clothes taking up space around the house? Put them to use this Halloween by stuffing them with newspaper, giving them spooky features, and placing them around the home or garden to decorate. Just be sure to remind people that they’re fake!
  • Shadows – This one is great for scaring your neighbours! All you’ll need is scissors and cardboard to cut out a scary silhouette to place by the window and give people the heebie-jeebies. Happy haunting!
The Takeaway

It’s possible to celebrate Halloween and enjoy time with the kids without piles and piles of plastic. We hope that you will try out these decorating ideas and have a safe and fun Halloween this year! If you are looking for more natural ways to create, be sure to check out WapoBeauty’s Traditional Soapmaking eBook. Anyone searching for guided learning should check out WapoBeauty’s Complete Facial Skincare Online Course for Beginners and discover how to make professional, safe, and stable natural beauty products. Join the ranks of students who found this class valuable and rewarding

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