DIY homemade hands scrub
May 31, 2016

DIY homemade hands scrub Forgot that I did this video tutorial a couple of years ago. This product is amazingly effective and so simple to do. Watch and enjoy healthy soft...

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How to have sexy lips
November 26, 2014

How to have sexy lips   Sexy lips begin in a nice and healthy  moisturized smooth looking lips before you put any lipstick on your lips must be smooth and hydrated . If...

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How to make Body Butter
October 29, 2014

Incredible that only 3 simple natural ingredients can make such a great effective skincare product that will deeply moisturize your skin in the hard winter days . As you know your...

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Workshop in Tipperary
October 8, 2014

After my wonderufl experience with wonderful 9 women in Tipperary . I can't just no writing about it but I am so busy since then  that I haven't got the chance until...

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Making cosmetics-Christmas special II
October 3, 2014 Making cosmetics - Christmas special II If you have read the first part of this blog serie you might have an idea now about what is your friend's...

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