Celebrating Mindful Holidays.

With 2020 finally winding down, many find themselves celebrating perhaps the strangest holiday season of their lives. At WapoBeauty, we’ve long been proponents of mindful holidays filled with intention and positive energy. Rather than striving for the perfect celebration with the best gifts ever, we believe this year should be about appreciating what we have. That’s why we’ve gathered easy tips to share with friends, family, and any one of the same mind. Read on to discover simple ways to celebrate more mindful holidays this year.

Make Time for Self-Love

Self-care and self-love are often used interchangeably, but there are some notable differences between them. Although we enjoy a bubble bath now again, self-love goes beyond merely spoiling or treating yourself. In fact, it’s more about allowing yourself to be loved and loving others in return. Something as simple as getting a good nights rest, exercising, or indulging some alone time can be considered self-love. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and you certainly can’t spread holiday cheer if you are burnt out!

Express Gratitude

In a year that has been tumultuous for so many, it may be difficult for some to feel grateful. While we can certainly understand that feeling, what better time than the holidays to express love and gratitude? Even though this year’s gatherings may look a bit different, they are still an ideal time to step back and take a look at our lives. So, let’s take this as an opportunity to focus on how we’ve grown as individuals and count our blessings. These can range from a meeting a new person to a loving pet to a meaningful event, but what’s vital is taking a moment to pause, reflect, and give thanks.

Shop Mindfully

The holidays are a time of joy, but they are also a season of excess and lots of waste. Therefore, we encourage everyone to think before buying, as well as consider what’s behind a product and where it will end up. Last year, we created a Sustainable Christmas Guide that will be handy for those looking for more details or recommendations. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way to shop mindfully, as long as you put in extra thought and effort, you’re already on the right path! For anyone who wants to go one step further, you can also get inspiration from WapoBeauty’s Handmade Holiday Gift Guide.

Presence is A Present

If there’s anything that this year has taught us, it’s that health is incredibly important. Almost everyone has lost or knows someone who has lost someone this year, making 2020 a year where absence is palpable. For this reason, we’d like to remind everyone (including ourselves) that merely someone’s presence is a present. Rather than running around town hunting for the best gifts for our friends and family, we should focus on moments and experiences with those dearest to us. Meeting someone for a coffee or a socially distanced stroll can be just as meaningful and makes for more mindful holidays.

Allow Yourself to Disconnect

During a year in which both mass media and social media have exploded, it’s crucial to take time to unplug from the world. Plenty of us have discovered that our relationship with our screens may not have been as healthy as we’d have liked. Thus, limiting screen time can help cultivate more relaxed and mindful holidays. Honestly, your mental health comes first and that email or text can wait, because you need time off. Spend time away channelling your energy inward, recharging your batteries, and enjoying a well-deserved break.

The Takeaway

From WapoBeauty, we’d like to wish you happy, healthy, and more mindful holidays this year. For anyone looking to craft natural skincare or haircare gifts this year, we recommend taking advantage of the great discounts on our eBooks. If you’d like to give someone the gift of an experience, consider the next Soapmaking Workshop on January 16th. Anyone searching for longer-term learning may want to find out more about WapoBeauty’s Complete Facial Skincare Online Course for Beginners and discover how to make professional, safe, and stable natural beauty products. Join the ranks of students who found this class valuable and rewarding

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